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Company health insurance -
Additional protection for your employees

Icon für BetreuungIncreases employee satisfaction and loyalty

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Advantages of company health insurance

Engage your employees

By granting additional and voluntary benefits to your employees, you increase their satisfaction.

State subsidised

Company health insurance is tax-optimised, i.e. you can claim €50 per employee per month as a tax-free benefit in kind.

Financially profitable

A Company Health Insurance can be more favourable than a pay rise, as you pay lower non-wage labour costs in comparison.

Company health insurance for your company

Helps to find and retain employees

Good talent on the labour market is in high demand and highly competitive. Transparency and digital platforms mean that talent is often poached and you have to start looking for replacements... And of course you don't want to and can't pay horrendous wages. What now? 

  • Only 16% of employees feel connected to their employer
  • 87% of employees today expect their employer to help them balance work and life
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Company health insurance

Company health insurance is an effective concept for attracting talented employees to the competitive labour market and keeping them enthusiastic about your company in the long term. It offers your employees tangible added value and helps them stay healthy and productive. You and your company benefit from employee satisfaction, loyalty, reduced absenteeism and better performance.

Advantages for the employer

  • Strengthening your employer image: As an employer that takes the health and well-being of its employees seriously, you strengthen your public image. This can have a positive impact on the perception of your brand and also impress customers and business partners.
  • Healthier employees, more productive company: With occupational health insurance, your employees can take better care of their health. Regular check-ups and faster medical care lead to fewer sick days and increase your company's productivity.
  • Reduced personnel costs: You can minimise the risk of absenteeism due to illness by taking out occupational health insurance. Healthier employees mean fewer sick days and a more efficient workforce, which ultimately reduces personnel costs.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: Company health insurance is a benefit that your employees will appreciate. Satisfied employees are more committed and contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere, which has an impact on the entire team.
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The advantages of company health insurance for employees

  • Closing gaps in coverage from statutory health insurance: The additional benefits of company health insurance cover gaps in coverage and employees are fully insured 
  • No waiting times for policyholders: sick employees get help immediately without having to wait
  • Admission guarantee thanks to simplified health check: bKV can be taken out without employee health data
  • Attractive price-performance ratio compared to private health insurance: Company health insurance often offers a better price-performance ratio compared to independent cover through private health insurance
  • Employers generally pay the contributions: The employer normally bears the costs of company health insurance, which is a financial advantage for employees
  • Spouses and children can also be insured at favourable rates: Family members can be included in the bKV at favourable rates thanks to a low-cost additional contribution


How do I find out what insurance cover my company needs?

Answer a few simple questions about your company and your existing insurance policies.
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How does SureIn support me in the event of a claim?

We take care of the entire claims process. You don't have to contact the insurers directly, but can contact us directly. We will then take care of everything else and ensure that your claims are enforced.

Why should I change to SureIn?

We regularly monitor the development of your company's situation and compare the best current insurance offers on the market to ensure that your insurance cover is always up to date.

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