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We work with more than 100 well-known insurers and will always find the right insurance cover for you.

Worst-case scenario?

Slips and trips & other accidents

A person trips inside your premises, breaks their collarbone and takes legal action.

Damage to the reputation of customers

A customer suffers alleged reputational damage from one of your employees, which leads to a lawsuit against your company.

Legal disputes & legal costs

Hire a lawyer to protect your company in a legal dispute following a registered claim and avoid high costs.

Receivables from the tax office

Does the tax office doubt the accuracy of your business tax return, for example? Legal protection enables you to assert your rights and bears the costs.
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The most important commercial insurances
for Retailers

Liability insurance

Protection against third party claims for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury that may occur on retail premises. This cover is important for incidents such as customer slips and falls or accidents involving shop property.

Property insurance

Covers damage to the physical assets of the retail shop, including inventory, equipment and the shop itself. It is essential for protection against events such as fire, theft or natural disasters.

Business interruption

Insurance covers loss of income and running costs if the retail business has to close temporarily due to an insured event, such as property damage or other disruption.

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The most important insurances for Retailers

Retail businesses face a variety of risks and the right insurance cover is crucial to mitigate potential financial losses.

Important commercial insurances are:

Product liability insurance

Protects against claims relating to injury or damage caused by products sold by the retailer. This is particularly important for companies dealing in consumer goods.

Workers' compensation insurance

Provides cover for medical expenses and lost wages for employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. It is important to comply with the law and protect both employees and employers in the event of accidents at work.

Cyber liability insurance

Protection against financial loss as a result of data breaches, cyber attacks or other cybercrime. Retail companies that process customer data via online transactions or keep digital records benefit from this insurance.

Gewerbeversicherungen für Einzelhändler
Gewerbeversicherungen für Händler

Other important commercial insurance policies for Retailers

Commercial theft insurance

Protects against financial losses caused by criminal acts such as theft, robbery or employee dishonesty. It provides insurance cover for stolen cash, inventory and damage caused by criminal acts.

Commercial car insurance

If the retail business owns and operates vehicles for delivery or other business purposes, commercial auto insurance provides coverage for accidents, injuries or damages involving those vehicles.

Insurance of the tenant

Protection of the retailer's interests by covering improvements made to a leased space. It provides cover for tenant-specific liabilities and property improvements.


A combination of these types of insurance helps retail companies to protect themselves against a range of potential risks and ensure the continuity and financial stability of their business activities.


How do I find out what insurance cover my company needs?

Answer a few simple questions about your company and your existing insurance policies.
We will analyze your current insurance needs and compare them with the best current offers.

How does SureIn support me in the event of a claim?

We take care of the entire claims process. You don't have to contact the insurers directly, but can contact us directly. We will then take care of everything else and ensure that your claims are enforced.

Why should I change to SureIn?

We regularly monitor the development of your company's situation and compare the best current insurance offers on the market to ensure that your insurance cover is always up to date.

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SureIn ist ein unabhängiger Versicherungsmakler. Wir arbeiten mit mehr als 100 Versicherungen zusammen, um Ihnen immer den idealen Schutz zum besten Preis zu bieten.

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