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Advantages of private pension provision

Securing the standard of living

Close your pension gap with a sensible and proven supplement to the statutory pension.

Numerous tax advantages & incentives

Benefit from numerous tax advantages that allow you to make additional savings.

Flexible savings plans & contributions

You can customise your private pension to your personal needs and goals and have it paid out flexibly.

Private pension scheme (Germany)

These are the problems with the state pension in Germany

  • The statutory pension is based on the pay-as-you-go principle. This means that today's workers finance the pensions of today's pensioners. Contributions are therefore only apportioned and do not benefit from capital market effects
  • In addition, the pay-as-you-go principle is dependent on current wage or earned income, the state of the labour market and demographic trends - factors that cannot be influenced as a contributor
  • The pension level is expected to fall to 45% by 2037. With an average salary of €3,000, this means a pension of around €1,350
  • This will lead to a longer pension payment period.
  • At the same time, the birth rate is falling, which means that fewer and fewer contributors will have to finance a growing number of pensioners
  • Relying on the statutory pension will not work
  • Additional private pension provision is important to avoid financial worries in old age

Find out in good time about the options for making private provision for old age. Our experts will be happy to support you!

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When does a private pension scheme start to pay off?

A private pension scheme (pAV) makes particular sense if you have an accumulation phase of more than 15 years, as the tax savings here are very high. However, if you pay in high contributions, it can also pay off financially even earlier!

Unfortunately, providers charge acquisition costs of around 4% of your premium for setting up the policy - these are unfortunately high costs! Nevertheless, a private pension plan (pAV) pays off financially due to the state subsidy - especially in comparison to ETF savings plans and property investments!

Which variants are worthwhile?

With all variants, you decide what your money is invested in. For example, you can choose between ETF portfolios, property funds or bonds and adjust your portfolio selection as a premium payer at any time.

The basic pension

The basic pension is not only attractive for employees, but also for the self-employed. In the savings phase, contributions of up to €26,528 per year can be deducted from tax. From the age of 62, you receive a lifelong pension. However, contributions are taxable during this period.

Private pension insurance

Private pension insurance is particularly suitable for employees and the self-employed who favour flexible structuring options. Contributions are not tax-deductible, but income from a lifelong pension is almost tax-free.

We would be happy to calculate whether a private pension is financially viable for you!

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